Today Feb. 26th Open Gym For Public; 12:00-1:00. All The Classes Will Be Held.

JOIN US IN THE SUMMER OF 2015 FOR A LOT OF FUN AND TUMBLING.  Meanwhile, check out our gymnastics classes.


2- 3 years: Students are introduced to basic tumbling skills, low beam, trampoline foam pit, non-competitive games and obstacle courses in a fun and playful environment. Hand-eye coordination, balance and agility activities are included. Children also learn to follow directions, cooperate and take turns with others.

3 - 4 years: Children learn basic gymnastics skills and terminology. Classes concentrate on development of basic gymnastics skills using tumbling, bars, balance beam and trampoline. Children will work on rolls, cartwheels, swings and bouncing.

5 - 6 years old: This class continues to build gymnastics skills. Basic motor skills are targeted including balance, strength, flexibility and coordination. Children will work on cartwheels, mini-flips, bridge and handstands.

Beginner Girls Ages 7 -12: Introduction to gymnastics. In this class, the children will utilize all apparatus including floor, balance beam, vault, uneven bars and trampoline. Children will work on cartwheels, round offs, walk-overs and an introduction to front & back hand-springs plus front flip.

Intermediate Girls Ages 7-12: A challenging class for those girls who have some experience in gymnastics and are very eager to learn. This is an introduction class to Pre-Team. Children will work on front and back walk-overs, front and back hand-springs.

Advanced Girls Ages 8 and up: Prior experience needed with demonstrated skill level. Advanced level instruction on bars, beam, vault, floor and trampoline. Children will work on perfecting the same skills as the intermediate girls.

Beginner/Intermediate Boys: This class concentrates on strength and flexibility necessary to develop gymnastics skills using bars, rings, pommel horse, vault, floor work and trampoline.

Intermediate/Advanced Boys: Prior experience needed with demonstrated skills. The training in the class will concentrate on perfecting all skills on the equipment. In addition, training will concentrate on strength and flexibility.

Tumbling/Trampoline: This class is designed to develop and fine-tune tumbling skills required for cheerleading and for those who love to tumble and bounce. Concentration will be on learning handsprings, flips and twisting flips.